How kids develop their own thinking style

walking-babyEvery person in this world has their own thinking style. Whether its a 60 year old man or a 6 year old innocent child. But there’s huge difference in the way they are both thinking. Both have different thinking styles as well, as have different perspectives- likewise. So actually, a child's thinking development is a process through which every child will go through. It starts from the process of learning different skills like eating, playing, sitting, standing, talking etc. Children learn all these skills with the passage of time and each child takes their own time according to his/her learning ability.

The first step is the ability to learn. Before anything else a child learns by observing their surroundings. Atmosphere matters a lot, so whatever environment you provide, that child learns from that environment. At early age they just learn through their eyes and hands because they can't speak and ask for their curiosity to solve. Still only just learning about themselves. About their gender, About their likes and dislikes, About many of the physical aspects (tall/short), but don't have a sense of good or bad at their age yet. They just know some of the actions like smiling, crying, waving etc. Then comes an age where child is ready to observe the surrounding that is environment and its usually after the age of 6 months. They observe what their mother says but don’t understand what she is saying. They perceive it on their own way and that is exactly the time from where a child starts learn thinking but cant ask or tell us.

Then at the age of 12 months the child learns to understand and speak the language and starts to express themselves. Then this is the first step of learning the actual difference between good or bad. At this stage a child also learns to move their muscles more with intent, as they also learn how to eat, how to pick up objects and so many other things. A stage where a child learns to acquire these abilities known as development milestone. It means a child needs to learn more and more skills since the brain of child grows through the passage of time -and this is a continuous process. A child begins gaining knowledge from the very first moment, so parents need to get their children on right track from the get-go. Love draws in children, so kids begin to consider which one is great based on who treats them with affection and despise those individuals who treat them bad. The thinking capacity of a child additionally begins when they get information that particularly comes from their parents.

Each mother and father endeavor to make their child someone of great importance, so they give their own recommendations on the importance of life itself. The youngster supposes this new found information as a third person and understands that info in their own particular manner for the same reason each and every person is not the same as other. Afterward comes a period that begins to root the long haul memory, and is the beginning of each kid carrying on their life -all along, a viewpoint and self idea that is embedded within them. A child begins self reasoning with the passionate improvement and thus become acquainted with their internal identity and begins to listen what their heart says.