A closer look at the Kid Street crew-

Below are four individuals who love children and are dedicated to understanding and helping them live happily. Their goal is to help other adults understand how children think, their needs and their challenges. They hope that through their website, people can better understand that childhood is a delicate stage and that children are delicate beings that need to be treated with care and compassion.

Joan ‘Potter’ Hartman

She’s an aspiring writer and a highly creative individual with a passion for writing and learning. She speaks and writes seven languages fluently. And strives to learn at least one new language every year. Her online nickname is ‘Potter’. If you ask her what it means to her, she will say, "It comes from her childhood love for Beatrix Potter and Peter Rabbit”. And that Beatrix Potter took an approach to teaching children about nature in a realistic manner.

Jack ‘Teach’ Fuller

He is the website editor. His passions are; teaching, education, and language. He is a crusader for the beauty and power of language. "His favorite quote is "If you speak my language, we are brothers/sisters. If you don't, we can still be friends". He strongly believes that teaching children to respect languages is even more important than teaching them how to speak or write those languages because according to him, without respect, languages have the power to cause destruction.

Helen ‘Bossie’ Heinz

She is a contributing writer to the website. She loves children, and she especially loves using her skills and knowledge to help them grow and become the best that they can be. She believes that it is important for children to appreciate what makes them different from others. And never misses to tell those that she comes across that they are special. Her work, speeches, and writing are all about children. She strives to educate parents, guardians, teachers and other adults to understand children so that they can better take care of them.

Ferenc ‘Goose’ Grant

He is an associate editor for the website. His job responsibilities include curating images and artwork that is used for the website. He loves his job and is committed to always doing his best no matter the situation. He is the kind of person people can count on because he always delivers on his promises. His mantra is, "Be good and do good". He got the nickname ‘Goose’ from others who saw similarities in his nature to that of Mother Goose and the stories about morals.

These individuals are extremely dedicated to their cause. They hope that their work can change lives for the better, for children and adults alike. They hope that through their work, a parent somewhere is inspired to pay more attention and in turn- a child somewhere will have a smile on their face. They believe that little ones are their purpose. Their goal is to create a world where children are respected and their needs made a priority. And through their website, they believe that they are contributing to that cause. If you feel you have something that can add to our cause- please write to us here:



Kinder Strasse Press Co.

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